How to request an approval as a teenager in Cash App?

So how to request approval as a teenager on CashApp? So you just need to tap on your account settings and then go to family account and then create account as a teen. So I just like you can do that. Then you just enter in your date of birth and you need to be at least 13 plus. But if you're under 18. So, yeah, for example, if your if your birthday were like in 2008 or 2009, for example, yeah, even if like in 2010, then, yeah, you just still need like an approval. So just tap request an approval. And then you need to send this approval to one of the contacts and it can be someone who needs to approve you. OK, so probably this is but you just then you can enable contacts and then request approval from that other person. So, yeah, and then you just need to be approved and just tap on the button from your parents and then you are ready to use the CashApp.

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