How to request an approval for a teen account in Cash App?

So, Cash App is now available for anyone 13 plus, how to request approval. So basically, if you're a teenager, so from 13 years old plus until 18, I guess, you can already start using Cash App, but of course you need to have your parental approval. So for example, this is the link which might look like this. So your parents can send you to it like your messenger. And then, yeah, what happens, you just need to go to the, oops, something is not happening here. So let's just copy it out and see if I can actually go to that link. And then I just go to this link and nothing is happening. And then, okay, so if I just go to that link, I can see that I'm just opening up the Cash App. And yeah, it opens up. And then, yeah, you should just request an approval from your parents in that app. So yeah, that's basically the idea. So they have this family accounts now. If you just go to your accounts, there is family accounts. And then what, for example, your parents, they just tap invite teen and then they're sending your invitation like this. Yeah, so that's basically the idea. Hope this is helpful.

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