Hey there, so there is a new WorldCoin grant available, and I would like to show you how to reserve and claim it. To start, you'll need to download the World App. Every week, a new grant becomes available for reservation and claiming. Once you have the app, create an account, and tap on the dollar sign. You will see a "claim now" button. Tap on it, and you'll see the new WorldCoin grant that is available. Keep in mind that you can only claim it within the next seven days.

In order to claim the grant, you first need to reserve it. It's important to note that there are 10 billion WorldCoin tokens, and most of them will be given to unique individuals with a verified World ID. Currently, 2.5K out of 500K grants have been reserved, and 18.2K have been claimed.

To reserve the grant, simply tap on the "reserve" button. Please note that redeeming the reservation will be possible soon, and you will need a verified World ID to claim it. To verify your identity, make sure to confirm that you are not a US citizen, not based in the USA, and not using a VPN. Once you tap on "reserve now," you will see a green button indicating that the grant has been successfully reserved.

After reserving the grant, you have the option to share it with your friends. To redeem the reservation, you will need to verify your World ID by visiting the orb. This is the most complicated part of the process, as it depends on your location. You can only verify your World ID using a device called "orb," which is only available in certain locations and countries.

For example, in Germany, the orb is available in two locations, and it's by appointment only. In the US, you can find orbs in New York, Mountain View, and Los Angeles. Unfortunately, you cannot verify your World ID in any other way at the moment. Therefore, you'll need to decide if you are willing to travel to one of the available orb locations. Keep in mind that the orb is not available in all countries.

If you are traveling to certain places like Mexico City, Portugal, Spain, Singapore, or London, you may be able to combine your trip with the orb verification process. However, if you are not already planning a trip to one of these locations, you will need to carefully calculate if it is worth the travel expenses to verify your World ID. The grants may range in value, and at this time, it is unclear whether they will be $50, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars.

Once you have decided to verify your World ID with the orb, you must connect your phone number, enable notifications, and back up your account. Finally, you need to verify your World ID with the orb. Failing to do so will result in the inability to claim the grant.

After successfully claiming the grant, you will notice that the next grant becomes available in another seven days. Reservation for the grant is open for a year from the day it was reserved. During this year, you will need to find time to verify your World ID with the orb in order to claim the grant.

So there you have it. Follow this guide to reserve and claim your WorldCoin grant. Good luck!

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