hey everyone so here is let's just go through in metamask how uh you can reset your password in metamask extension so when you're setting your password for metamask quality you will need 2012 word secrets recovery phrase um and before just resetting your password just make sure you have your recovery phrase is with you so just in open chrome extension tap lock import using secret recovery phrase enter the 12 word a single uh spices in between all our case enter in your password or type your password to confirm is reason correctly click restore so for example this is like [Music] some website metamask and i'll just click on extension and then um yeah i need to go to uh meta mask and here in top right click lock so like this and then just click here in the top right and then you click on lock and then you follow the recovery phrase enter your new password and retype your password so something like that um so in this login view you don't use the password you just use import using secret recovery phrase and then you have the prompts to reset your password                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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