How to restart 1010 app? So sometimes 1010 app kind of doesn't really work properly if you try to mute people, especially then as you can see I wanted to mute everyone; it doesn't work. So what you need to do is you can just:

  1. Go to your home screen.
  2. Swipe up the app.
  3. Open it up again.

This way, then you see that it starts working properly and fixes some bugs. That's how you just kind of refresh the cache in 1010 app. Something around that. So don't just go and close the app and open it up again; this way, it doesn't do anything. You're not refreshing the app properly; you're not clearing the cache. But you need to go to your home screen. You will see this view of the apps, and then swipe it up. When you swipe it up, you do it properly, and you restart the app and clear the cache. Potentially, it can fix some errors in 1010 app.

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