How to RETAKE in TIKTOK Now?

so when you're posting your Tick Tock now and you posted one picture second picture in the top right you will see this retake button you can tap this to retake this now you can tap retake or tap send meaning that you will submit it to the uh to your feed but if you type protect you have another chance to post a picture so then I can just do post like that and then I post a second picture and then again I can tap protect I don't know how many retakes are there I do not if there is a limit but at least like in the real app if you have more than 10 friends you will see the number of retakes uh you've taken but I don't know if it's possible to do it here in this app but yeah that's the feature um yeah hope that is helpful so the whole idea of tick tock now or be real is this spontaneous like authentic uh for us not like Instagram where you can spend like two hours to create a perfect photo set here you should just have three minutes and you just need to spontaneously take photo and show your real life and not like some fake things but yeah that's basically it

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