How to save ChatGPT conversations for later?

Aeron so how to save charge GPT conversations for later so for example if yeah if you just start chatting um here is my conversation and sometimes I just want to save it like you know I'm doing it on my laptop and then I got busy then I want to return to it on my phone and I don't want to copy past it and stuff like that so for example that's how you write you you can just start any conversations here in chat GPT um and then you just see all these messages but then to save it just tap on the sidebar and then you can start a new chat and then your previous chat will be saved here it will be named just you know sjgpt wants it to name but the point is it just will be beside here in the sidebar so yeah here is just basically the idea also it's like also saved as a new chat and all of that so yeah and then if you want to clear some conversations you can just tap clear conversations and then you need to confirm that so and then you can bulk clear all conversations

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