How to save your own AI AVATAR in Dawn AI app to your camera roll?

here is down AI app so I upgraded to Pro subscription so how to save your own generated Avatar so I have some avatars generated and then you can just select one of those like you know like whatever just go to this it's a bit grumpy but yeah just tap this arrow in the bottom just near below the sharing icon your first time you will need to give access to to give access to your photo roll camera roll and then it photo will just appear here unfortunately there is like a watermark here why is that happening so because you can generate first 50 sets of avatars for free in down AI app which is really amazing so uh you then if you upgrade to to the pro version and then select any other filter what exactly I'm doing right now so I'm just selected other filter and I want to generate these images uh so yeah so then I'm just trying to do that and then like this is like the elf kind of thing and then as you can see there is no watermark anymore in the top right uh yeah um and then you can just save it again and there will be no watermark but obviously it's only available with the a Visa pied version

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