How to search by username in GAS app?

here is gas app if you swipe to the left and then you you search for someone you can search uh yeah for users by username in gas app um so yeah for example let's just search something and then you can see something like that so it's completely possible to find a person by username uh of course that person won't be from your school uh probably then you can block or report someone uh and then yeah you can you can just tap add or okay you can actually see number of flames the person received a grade and that's it uh there is no like personal profile page it's not like Instagram but if you know that's that's your friend or something then you can just add someone like that and then you can just add friend by username and then you can just add those uh yeah to see your own username uh yeah tap on yeah go to your profile page and then uh yeah you will see your username just under your name

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