How to see hidden characters in app?

The app provides a feature that allows users to see hidden characters within the application. But users might face some challenges when trying to access these hidden characters. When a character is hidden, it disappears from view, making it tricky for users to locate it later on.

If you want to uncover a hidden character in the Character AI app, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the "hide character" option to make a character disappear.
  2. Check your profile to find the hidden characters. Users may not see a specific tab dedicated to displaying the hidden characters.
  3. Upgrading to CAI+ may provide a solution by revealing the hidden characters.
  4. If you need to unhide a character, you will have to manually search for it again within the app.
  5. Remember the exact character you are looking for and search for it by typing it out.
  6. After finding the hidden character, tap on it. It should reappear in your chats once you refresh the screen.

Despite the process being somewhat cumbersome and not the most seamless experience, this is the current method for managing hidden characters within the Character AI app. Users may encounter some bugs or glitches along the way, but following these steps should help in revealing and accessing the hidden characters effectively.

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