How to see hints in GAS app with a God mode?

here is gas app so how to get hints in a Gaza with god mode so I just upgraded to God mode just want to show you the process so if you type in box you have some some Flames here and then you just tap on the flames and then you want to see who sent it uh of course it's not shiny because I'm screwing recording but you just want to know who answered this ball about you uh like who is that so at first you can see gender and grade for free so you don't need upgrade to do that you just see that's like boy girl from 8th grade or tenth grade for some reason for some people it can be enough because you don't have that many gas members in your school so can you can already figure that out but to see a hint you just need to tap see who sent it in the bottom and that's a god mode which costs like seven dollars per week and then when you tap that if you upgrade it to a subscription you will see something like this you will see this hint the first letter in their name is this and uh yeah it should be sometimes it should be enough to discover who voted for you because uh maybe you just have not that many people with a first name like that um then of course you can tap C full name in the bottom to see the full name but that's the reveal and you can only do two reveals per week uh so that's that but that's how uh you can see uh yeah you can see hints in the gas app again it's not cheap it's seven dollars per week not per month um but then yeah and then the first letter in their name I guess is the first letter and their first name not last name as I understand and of course maybe someone is can actually be fake in their first last name so when I created an account in gas app there was no like ID verification anything so there completely can be a thing when someone just faked their name or they know about this feature in Gaza app and they just changed the first letter of their name and then you will be completely confused uh uh but yeah uh who knows maybe it can also happen so there is no hundred percent guarantee that you will reveal that the right person because maybe some person are faking their identity here Anything Can Happen uh so don't trust like uh you know like be super emotionally attached or some someone or if you want to know if someone is your crush or something like that and then you just discard the first letter and then you want your like hundred percent sure that that was that person it's not like that there still can be some error but just in case this is how you get the hint

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