How to see how much data you used over personal hotspot on iPhone?

so interesting trick on iPhone so if you go to settings and if you go to Cellular you can see how much data you used over your personal hotspot so just scroll in the bottom you can see current period 67.2 gigabytes that the whole seller data usage you you had during a specific period I don't know one might be one you activated your sim card or maybe one um yeah you some so I don't know actually which period is that then you have personal hotspot um so you can see other devices and then specifically by each device which device used how much of your um yeah cellular data and then you can see Android 7bp so it's like for example my MacBook it's used how much and then other devices also and then I can't click anymore I can tap anymore to see additional usage but there you have it interesting thing to to know because maybe you just need to know that maybe you are charged or maybe you need to prove it somehow or something like that so it's just important data point and you can see it directly in your iPhone no need to install some additional app so pretty convenient

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