How to see number of lockets you send to each other in Locket widget?

Are you an avid user of LocketWidget but unaware of its hidden feature to track the number of lockets that you've sent to your friends? It's a handy little feature that can help you keep track of the history of your interactions with your friends.

To discover this feature, simply go to your friends list and look under their name. You'll notice a number ranging from one to ten or even more. The number you see is the number of lockets you've sent to that friend over time.

This feature is especially helpful if you're trying to recall the last time you interacted with a particular friend or if you're trying to keep track of the frequency of your interactions.

To make the most of this feature, be sure to regularly check your friends list and the number of lockets you've sent to each friend. You never know what interesting insights this data may reveal about your relationships with your friends.

In conclusion, LocketWidget offers many useful features to make your experience on the app more enjoyable. Be sure to explore all the features the app offers to get the most out of it. Happy locket-sending!

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