How to see pet interaction history in Widgetable app?

How to see pet interaction history in Widgetable app?

If you're an avid pet owner using the Widgetable app, you might be wondering how to view the interaction history of your beloved furry companions. Luckily, accessing this feature is a breeze.

To see the pet interaction history, start by opening the app and locating the pet profile you're interested in. Once you've found it, simply tap on the pet's profile to access more details and options.

Within the pet's profile, you will find a specific tab labeled "History". By tapping on this tab, you will be able to view all the interactions you've had with your pet. From friends sending notes to various activities such as giving your pet a drink or taking them for a bath, you'll have all the details at your fingertips.

Furthermore, if you're co-parenting your pet and sharing responsibilities, the app allows both caretakers to view the pet's interaction history. This way, you can easily keep track of what has been done and coordinate care more efficiently.

In addition to viewing the interaction history, Widgetable app also enables you to send pet notes. This feature provides an excellent way to communicate important information regarding your pet's health, behavior, or any specific instructions between co-parents or even with professional pet caregivers. Simply type in the note and send it within the app.

While the app does not mention the ability to delete items from the interaction history, it still offers a convenient way to keep a record of your pet's activities and care.

But that's not all! Widgetable app acknowledges your effort in co-parenting or caring for your pet by providing rewards. By sharing your pet's stories on TikTok, you can qualify to receive exciting rewards such as food packs, thousand coins, or even a pro premium status.

To claim these rewards, save a photo or video of your pet in the app and post it on TikTok using relevant hashtags. Once you've done that, submit the link to the Widgetable app, and you'll be eligible to receive the food pack reward. If your TikTok post manages to garner 100k likes, you'll have access to even more exclusive rewards.

In conclusion, the Widgetable app offers an easy and intuitive way to access your pet's interaction history and stay organized in co-parenting situations. Additionally, the app's reward system encourages users to share their pet's stories, creating a sense of community and excitement. So, go ahead and enjoy the benefits that Widgetable app brings to the table!

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