How to see WHO LIKED YOU in W APP?

Here's how you can know who liked you on the W app. When you open your inbox on the app, you will notice compliments from users who voted for you or sent you some compliments. To see the details, tap on the specific compliment.

  1. Gender and Grade: When you tap on a compliment, you can view the gender and grade of the person who voted for you. This gives you basic information about the individual.
  2. Sender's Name: To see a hint of who liked you, you need to share the W app with one of your contacts. Send a text message to one of your contacts, and you will then see the first letter of the person's name who liked you, along with their grade and gender. This provides you with some initial insights.
  3. Reveal Full Name: If you want to know the complete name of the person who liked you, tap on the option that says "reveal full name." However, this feature requires an upgrade to W Gold, which costs $7 per week. Unfortunately, there is no free trial available for this upgrade.

By upgrading to W Gold, you gain access to limited hints and secret crush alerts. This subscription can provide you with more information about who likes you on the app.

It's important to note that the effectiveness of this feature depends on whether users are using their real names or not. If individuals are using fake names or providing false information, it may undermine the accuracy of the results.

So, if you are curious to find out who likes you on the W app, give it a try and explore the features mentioned above.

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