How to see who sent you a message in NGL app?

In the popular NGL app, many users often wonder how they can find out who sent them a message. Unfortunately, this is not a straightforward process, but with a combination of strategies, you can narrow down the possibilities.

If you want to see the sender's information in NGL, you can start by tapping the red upgrade button to get NGL Pro. This will provide you with hints such as location, device, and NGL ID. However, it's important to note that even with the upgrade, you won't be able to see the exact Instagram username of the sender. Only general hints like location and phone model will be available.

Even after getting this information, it can still be quite complicated to determine exactly who sent you the message. However, there are a few techniques you can use alongside the NGL app to gather more clues.

One effective method is to leverage your Instagram analytics. If you shared something on your Instagram story, you can see the list of people who watched it. These are the only individuals who can send you messages. By cross-referencing this list with the NGL app, you can start to narrow down the possibilities.

Another useful piece of information you can gather from the NGL app is the model of the sender's phone. For example, if you see that the message was sent from an iPhone, you can deduce that one of your iPhone-using friends is the likely sender. Similarly, the location of the message can provide valuable insights. If you know the message was sent from London, for instance, you can focus your investigation on people in that area.

By combining these different factors, you can begin to narrow down the pool of potential senders. Although NGL doesn't offer a direct way to see the exact Instagram username of the sender, these methods can help you make educated guesses.

It's worth noting that NGL's decision to withhold the sender's information directly is a deliberate one. By keeping this feature exclusive to their paid Pro version, they encourage users to remain subscribed and continue paying for their services. So, don't expect to see the exact Instagram username even after upgrading.

In conclusion, while finding out who sent you a message in the NGL app may not be a simple task, by combining clues from the app itself and leveraging your Instagram analytics, you can narrow down the potential senders. Remember to keep in mind the limitations of the information provided by the NGL app and manage your expectations accordingly.

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