How to see who sent you vibes in Journal by Lapse app?

In the popular Journal by Lapse app, users are often curious about how to see who sent them vibes. Luckily, with a few simple steps, you can easily find out who sent you vibes on Labs, the journaling platform by Labs.

To begin, open the app and head to your profile. Located in the bottom right corner, you will find a small fire icon. This icon represents the number of new vibes you have received.

If you see that you have received a new vibe and wish to know who sent it, simply tap on the fire icon. However, you may find that nothing happens when you tap on it. Don't worry, there is a solution.

Next, go to the "Today's Vibes" section. Here, you will be able to see the vibes you have received for the day. However, the app's functionality only allows you to send one vibe to one friend at a time.

Therefore, in order to see who sent you vibes, you will need to have multiple friends on the app who can send you vibes. For instance, if you only have one friend and they have already sent you a vibe, you won't be able to see who sent it until you receive another vibe from a different friend.

To fully unlock the ability to see who sent you vibes, make sure you have at least a few friends on the app. This will enable you to receive multiple vibes in a day. For example, if you already sent one vibe, you will need another friend to send you a second vibe. By accumulating multiple vibes, you will gain the insight you seek into who sent you vibes on the Labs app.

Understanding how to navigate the Journal by Lapse app's vibes feature will enhance your overall user experience. By following these steps and expanding your network on the app, you can easily discover the origin of your received vibes.

So next time you receive a notification about a new vibe, don't be stumped. Simply follow these instructions, build your friendships on the app, and uncover the mystery of who sent you vibes on the Labs app.

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