How to SEE YOUR MESSAGES in NGL: anonymous q&a APP?

So here's NGL app and how to see your messages. This is the app which helps you to send anonymous messages on Instagram. Basically you can go to your inbox. Here after I posted this link on Instagram, I described how to do it in my other videos.

Basically, just create Instagram story and add a sticker with the link. Then you can see these messages. Then you can report the user who sent this question reporting. You will also delete this message. Then you can try to see who sent this, and then you can try to reply.

Then you can, of course, reply later. If you open up this message, it just grayed out. It won't be deleted.

That's basically how it works. I just posted on my Instagram and now I already have three anonymous messages.

How to see who sent a message on NGL?

To see who sent you messages on NGL app - you need to upgrade.

It is not cheap - $9.99 per WEEK, not month. But, I went through reviews on App Store and many users are disappointed after upgrading to NGL pro. They still can't identify who sent a message...

After upgrading, you will see info like "user from New York on iPhone". App provides location and type of mobile device. That's it.

Don't expect to see an exact Instagram username of who sent you message on NGL after upgrading. It is not happening.

Also, there are many concerns that NGL app creates a lot of fake messages using AI. Some users report that they just shared link to a limited number of people, but received many more messages.

At the same time, many messages look a bit not natural.

That brings to question: if some of the messages are fake AI bots - of course NGL app won't give you the ability to see exactly who sent the message.

Is there any NGL hack to see messages? At the moment I'm not aware about it...

Workarounds to see who sent NGL message

Let's assume that at least some of your NGL messages are not fake and you really-really want to know who sent those.

Here is how I would try to approach it.

  1. Upgrade
  2. Use Instagram Story analytics.

Upgrade gives you an option to see location and device type. E.g. someone from London on Android.

Instagram Story analytics gives you an opportunity to see who watched your Story.

So, for example, you can see that there were 50 friends who have seen story and you need someone who was in London with Android. This can narrow the field to 2-3 friends.

But, of course if you share your NGL link outside of Instagram story - this won't work. Because you won't be able to track your link or track who watched your Story.

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