How to SEE YOUR MESSAGES in NGL: anonymous q&a APP?

hello so here's ngl app and how to see your messages so this is the app which helps you to send anonymous messages on instagram and basically yeah you can go to your inbox and here after i posted this link on instagram i described how to do it in my other videos basically just create instagram story and add a sticker with the link and then you can get uh and then you can see these uh messages and then uh like you can report the user who sent this question will report in europe is also delete this message and you then you can try to see who sends this and then you can try to reply so here and then you can of course reply later this if you open up this like message it won't it just grayed out it won't be deleted so yep that's basically how it works so i just post it on my instagram and now uh yeah i already have like three anonymous messages you

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