How to see your trainer code in Pokemon Go? You need it to get invited to Niantic Campfire

hello there so here's Pokemon go and um there is a new viral social app which is called nianti campfire which is like a social media extension to this app but to get invited you can only get invited into an empty campfire right now you need to have a trainer code so to get the trainer code you need to download Pokemon Go app create a new account in Pokemon go and then go like again tap on your profile in bottom left tap on friends in top right tap add friend and from here you can just copy your trainer code just like this and that's it your trainer code has been copied um and yeah after that uh you need to that's your trainer code in case um like your friends want to add add you on um on Pokemon Gold you can add friends like that but if someone wants to invite you as well on uh like if they're already registered or nianti campfire so I can already invite you like this so that's basically how it works it's only possible to create an account via invitations uh in the antique campfire it's not just possible to create account by yourself yet they're just you know doing this to get more users and get more virality uh so yeah you need to have a friend who is already on the anti-campire and yeah just ask him to invite you as well

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