How to sell cards in Talkie AI app?

To sell cards in the Talkie AI app, the process is quite simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and navigate to the "My Cards" section.
  2. If you already have cards available for sale, you'll find them listed here.
  3. Tap on the button located in the bottom right corner labeled "Sell."
  4. A new screen will appear where you can set the price for the card you wish to sell.
  5. Enter the desired price and tap on the "Confirm" button.
  6. Once you have successfully set the price, a message will appear confirming the setup.
  7. It is important to note that you have the flexibility to change the price of your card at any time.
  8. Additionally, you can also share the card with others to increase its visibility and potential for sale.
  9. As for the process of selling a card and what happens when it is purchased, the exact details are not mentioned in the video transcript.
  10. However, it is likely that when your card is bought, you will receive more gems deposited into your Talkie AI account.

Overall, selling cards in the Talkie AI app seems to be a straightforward process. By setting a price and confirming the sale, users can potentially earn more gems while sharing their unique cards with others.

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