How to SEND 560 MESSAGES per DAY in Chai app?

how to send 500 plus messages per day in chai app in fact you can send up to 560 messages for free in chai app so just get the recent update actually i even created a new account and then i see this new update that you can send 70 messages in the beginning i was like what i would able to send 100 messages but then there is a new update in the bottom that this is reset every three hours so meaning like you know 24 divided by 3 and 70 multiplied by 8 so you can send up to 560 messages per day for free enjoy app right now so plus 460 messages in the beginning it was only 100 messages for free for 24 hours now it's 560 messages for free 24 hours of course the trick is that you can only send 17 messages in three hours period and then you really need to wait three hours and in the beginning you think like 70 messages is quite a big amount but if you're really starting to get entertained and a bit addicted to this app you see that it's actually not that much and you really need to write this board in three hours uh yeah and this is uh this is quite annoying but at least now you have a bigger bigger limit of messages overall but still if you're a heavy user of this app you probably still will need to upgrade because waiting three hours is a bit annoying and you have like a smaller chat um so yeah other than that uh that's that and there is also a new update basically if you start a stream in the app and your stream is watched by at least uh five people so here you can try it out so send a message before you can streaming so you need to start streaming and then start streaming and then if you see that you can collect more than five people watching you get unlimited messages so that's another way so hope that is helpful

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