How to send a message in NGL Instagram story?

hello so how to reply to ngl uh a question in the instagram story so here is instagram story this ngi link and then i can just uh go there and then uh yeah i can uh here's you can see uh all the questions and all the options and then uh you can reply to it and then you can just do that and then you can tap send so that's you can also just there is some like this random replies here so i don't know what that is and then you can tap send here and then uh yeah it says uh you can also send another message so you can send few messages uh and that's basically it so what happens then i have ngl app and then here i have inbox i have a new message in inbox so that's basically that and if i open that message i won't be able to uh yeah i won't be able to see who sent that so that's uh that's basically it uh so that's how it works hope this is helpful

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