How to send a message in Whiteboard widget messaging app?

here is whiteboard widget messaging app so basically to send a message here is just a message tap messages in the top right and then here you can just draw something uh so you can select different type of the pan so it's like a drawing board uh you can select eraser and erase what you have drawn you can select different colors you can select different backgrounds so for example i can just send my picture here i can select some uh i don't know some stickers and all of that emojis and then also i can just type hello uh or yeah or anything else i would like to type then i just need to tap where i want it then i can just draw stuff so just like anyways and then yeah then i just tap next and then here i need to select friends to who i want to send this message also i can just send anonymously and then i just tap send and basically there you have it it will be sent but of course you need to have friends so to add friends just tap in top left so three dots invite friends and then just invite friends with your specific code and that's basically it so i think you can search people you can find you can add contacts from your iphone so find newbie maybe there are some people in your area but also you can just search by username and add a friend here so some select that then you can just send friend request so you can invite people and then you can just send friend requests and then the notes that the messages you send will be available for these friends

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