How to Send a Voice Message in Buz App

In a tutorial video transcript, the process of sending a voice message in the Buz app is explained. Buz app is described as a walkie-talkie social app where users can communicate through voice messages with their friends. To send a voice message, follow these steps:

  1. Select any of your friends in the Buz app.
  2. Press and hold the push-to-talk button.
  3. Record your message by speaking into your device's microphone.
  4. Release the button to send the voice message.

Once the voice message is recorded and sent, it will appear at the bottom of the chat window. Additionally, besides voice messages, users can also send emojis, photos, and even current location information through the app.

Moreover, users have the option to enable or disable the Auto-Play feature located in the top left corner of the app. When Auto-Play is turned on, voice messages will automatically play upon receiving them. This feature transforms the Buz app into a walkie-talkie experience, allowing for seamless communication.

In conclusion, utilizing the walkie-talkie feature in the Buz app can enhance the chat experience with friends, providing a quick and convenient way to communicate. Give it a try and explore the interactive voice messaging functionality within the app.

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