How to send crypto with PayPal?

so how to send uh crypto in paypal so starting from june 7th uh you can now send and receive crypto in paypal there are only four coins like bitcoin ethereum litecoin and bitcoin cash i guess and then you have to send it uh you need to be you need to have us paypal account and hopefully it will be released into all users at this moment right now it's only to a few users so once logged into paypal enter the crypto section of your application click and choose the coin you want to send click or tap the transfers button and select send select the paypal contact which you'd like to send to crypto and confirm your fee free transfer so that's how it can look like so you just need to like go to bitcoin section or paypal tap send and then you just select your contacts and then uh you just tap send now in in paypal similar as you send you know fiat currency or you send normal money in paypal so that's how it works

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