How to send the schedule for your school in Saturn app?

In this video transcript, we will explore how to send the schedule for your school in the Saturn app. The Saturn app is designed by students specifically for students, aiming to enhance the educational experience. Although it might not be available in all schools across the United States at present, it is worth sending your own schedule to ensure better functionality within the app.

To begin, tap the "send the schedule" option within the app. It's important to note that each school has a different schedule, so the app requires specific details such as the school bell schedule, the school calendar, and where these can be configured. At this stage, there is no need to include personal class details. Instead, focus on providing the start and end times for each period of the day.

Next, select all the necessary details from the given options. Pay attention to every unique schedule day, including the respective times for each period, the order in which the periods occur, and even the lunch times. These details will help the app accurately reflect your school's daily routine.

If you desire, you can attach an image along with an optional note to provide any additional information or clarifications. This step can be helpful if you want to highlight any variations or special considerations within the schedule.

By adhering to these steps and sharing your school's schedule, you contribute to the improvement of the Saturn app. It's possible that if the app is not currently functioning optimally in your school, your input could potentially rectify the issue.

Remember, the Saturn app is a collaborative effort by students and for students. By actively participating in enhancing its functionality, you are not only benefiting yourself but also future users of the app within your school community.

So, give it a try and send your school's schedule through the Saturn app to make the educational experience better for everyone.

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