How to set a nickname in CoverStar app while creating an account

When creating an account on the CoverStar app, users have the option to set a nickname. This nickname will act as the username for their account and will be displayed to other users within the app. Setting a nickname in the CoverStar app is a simple process that can be done during the account creation phase.

To begin, users can sign up using either their Google or Apple accounts. Once they have selected their preferred sign-up option, they will be directed to the next screen, which prompts them to enter their desired username or nickname.

On this screen, users should enter the nickname they wish to use for their CoverStar account. This nickname will be unique to their profile and will help others easily identify them within the app. After entering the desired nickname, users will then be asked to confirm that they are 13 years old or older. This is a standard age verification requirement for many online platforms.

Once the user has confirmed their age, they can proceed by tapping the "Join" button. By doing so, they will officially create their account with the specified nickname. It is important to note that the nickname cannot be changed once the account has been created, so users should choose a name that they are comfortable using in the long term.

In summary, the process of setting a nickname in the CoverStar app is straightforward. Users can simply enter their desired username or nickname during the account creation phase, confirm their age, and tap the "Join" button to finalize the process. By following these steps, users can easily set a unique nickname for their CoverStar profile and start connecting with others within the app.

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