How to set an email reminder in iOS email app?

hey there so how to remind about email in iOS email app so yeah they just have this new feature uh if you just on iOS 16 and later so if you swipe swipe right you will see on the left side unread unread or you can just tap remind me so for example I have this email that I have some accounts I need to look into it whatever and then I can just tap remind me in an hour remind me tomorrow or tap remind me later so yeah you can just use this as you know instead of all right I received this invoice for something and I need to go to my reminder app create a new reminder item or go to my notes or whatever or my to-do list app here you can just instantly remind me so that's like an interesting new feature I think it's from IOS 16 where they updated their mailing original Maya app so yeah you can try it out um yeah hope that's helpful

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