How to set up a profile in Substack?

hello everyone so let's try to set up a profile on substance so here's my publication you can select and start it for free and yeah then after you signed up then you can just tap this set up your profile then you just need to enter a name accept terms and condition time some service and privacy policy [Music then you can see the accounts you are following on twitter you can sign up for newsletter for these people then your bio your bio um so then yeah then you can see or choose what you want to show on your profile newsletter blog sub stack is the default settings and there you have it so now you have your profile on substance super easy you can just create an account with twitter and then you can just create new posts and then something like that or whatever and then of course you can add all the ctas images dividers change style you can change the template and for examplesubscribe now different quotes also like basic editing and then here there are also like settings this post is for everyone everyone order comments but top rank first social preview post url send test email and then you can also delete a post so let's try to send test email here you will see if it's sent and then if you're ready you can just tap publish and yeah and after that the email will be sent to all your subscribers so you can see your subscribers here so yeah something like that and of course you can import subscribers you can add emails and all of that so hope that is helpful

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