How to set up CHARGING ANIMATION WALLPAPER on iPhone? Full tutorial

so in this quick tutorial we're gonna go through how to set up the charging animation on your iPhone so I'm just following the tutorials through some app which offers that so but the process is basically the same on all apps so you need to do that you need to open shortcuts tap automation at the bottom of the screen and then uh type create personal automation you need to tap plus to add new and then you select charger so let's just do it together so here's shortcuts app open it up uh so your automation create personal automation and then here charger um so then one charger is connected select next and then uh add action tap next tap add action tap apps and choose charging up um like this is just the name of the app I'm following because yeah of course you can use any other app to create your charging charging image so yeah so I what did I need to do here tap add action Tab apps and and then from here in the apps I need to select charging up so then here play charging animation and then next as before running notify one run and then just tap done so that's basically the process and then this is just an example with this with this app I'm using and then for example in this app you just select okay I I want to have this charging automation not this ad but like this uh charging automation to appear um so yeah something like that then will just appear on my phone when it's being charging um so yeah and then in this app or any other app you just select this animation and then it will appear here uh yeah when you're basically charging your phone um so yeah uh hope that is helpful that's just like the process yeah it's it's a bit complicated if you didn't use shortcut app before but it's a standard app on iPhone in this app is also being used to create um like a app icon app different app icons shortcuts for some other things I actually try to use this app a lot uh like you can see there are so many shortcuts which you can actually try here you can make PDFs you can hard draw for my QR code calculate like might give all of these apps you can automate with it but then I just started to use it yeah it can be a bit complicated and it's not the flow is not that good yet so there you have it

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