How to set up COUNTDOWN WIDGETS on iPhone?

hey everyone so of course everyone is just setting up this video's app icons customize the screens these days but I found this app and there specifically focusing on creating like countdown widgets which is a really cool feature so yeah find this app widget count down to birthday by app flare and then uh yeah here you can create these countdown widgets like 10 days left to someone birthday or to your friend's birthday to your birthday uh 10 day left to wedding or something like that and then you will just see that we just display it on your home screen and it's pretty cool if you're waiting for some date a lot that's the cool funky thing to to add to your home screen unfortunately it's only available with the pied version of this app but then yeah you can just tap to customize and then here you can set up background change the background change the uh like the text here like birthday event date at this time you can set up like this for example and then you will have two days two minutes left to this time and then you can change the layout like so if you're really waiting for something or I don't know you just setting up the deadline for example you like this deadline is in two days and this constantly will appear on your home screen it's like content constantly reminding you so you don't forget or keep focused or you just brings your joy and yeah so definitely you can just use this app for that and then to install this widget it's a standard procedure how to install any home screen widget so on your home screen you need to touch and hold the empty area like this then you can just tap Plus in the top right and the search for that widget and then you can just tap add widget after you after you purchased the subscription here on on this on this app so yeah I hope that is helpful and thank you for watching

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