How to set up Saved replies in Instagram?

in case you run an Instagram business account and tap in three dots in your messages inbox tab here you can find tools and then you can have something like set reply you can save responses to the questions you receive most often and then you can send a saved reply so so something like that for example like you can create a uh some quick shortcut in case you're getting a lot of business requests for example and then it will be easier yeah to interact with your customers in case you're like your Instagram business account gets a lot of like uh customers then you will just easily and much faster reply and then yeah so something like this uh like and then yeah that's how it works so as you can see I just entered hello and then I can tap insert the saved reply so pretty handy uh yeah just to quickly reply to these messages there is the same feature on on iOS devices where you can create your own shortcuts user on Mac or iPhone but it's nice to have this additional feature just inside of Instagram

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