everyone so um like yeah here is uni swap which is one of the biggest decentralized exchanges so if you just tap on your icon here you can set up manual slippage tolerance so you can by default it's auto but then you can just uh set up something like that um so yeah in case you need that you can just set it up like this and in some transactions it can really help you out um yeah like slippage it means that sometimes they're like the like you can you lose some money actually when you swap some tokens for other tokens um and if the slippage it can be like 30 percent or something then it means it's too high and probably then you don't you don't want to swap that so you just that's how i understand so you just set up like if the sleep which is less than 25 i'm i'm gonna accept this transaction but if it's more than 30 percent meaning if i lose more than 30 percent of the value or something like that then yeah i just wouldn't bother and i yeah that's my about my sleepish tolerance

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