How to set up web3 dapp wallet in Coinbase app?

hello so here is new exciting update on coinbase app so if you have android and if you're based in us maybe there is a chance that you are included in this small beta so you just need to go in navigation bar at the bottom of android mobile app and set your new dab wallet so this is how you set up your dap wallet and coinbase and once set up you can search this car and use ethereum based apps directly in the new dub browser of coinbase app so you can just discard right from the coinbase app and yeah um and that's uh what you can do so the idea is that you can now manage your dap wallet so the wallet it's not like your metamask wallet no it's like a decentralized app wallet uh and basically access and explore web stream directly from your coin device app uh and you can explore the all these dabs without needing to manage like recovery price if you what you need to do usually in the you know you know traditional wallets but this is not bad this is just a wallet to access that so it's interesting development it's kind of similar as to what facebook app had very like a long time ago like when they introduced a lot of these facebook apps so yeah but again this is only on android and this is very small beta it will be rolling out to iphone sooner or later

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