How to share a song in MD Vinyl widget?

so here you have mdv new widget app and to share a link basically you just tap on share button in top right um you can tap on the card to show more and then you can just tap share and it will share the link to the spotify song or if you are connected your apple music it will just share the link to the track and apple music and then for example you listen into something you like it and then you can share it to yourself or to your friends and it's like hey friends check it out this cool song i was listening on this budget or anything like that so yeah it's a cool feature also if you like this you can change adjust the image a bit you can change the background you can generate qr code and then also there is some signature i don't know uh you can do it like this yeah um so that's basically it and then if you're sharing you can also share the the image and then you can just share it to social media to instagram to snapchat and stuff like that uh you can also go to related album and then you can go to related artists so that's the idea hope it is helpful

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