How to share HEARDLE app results on Twitter or other Social Media?

Hey there, so how to share hurdle app on Twitter or Snapchat or whatever. So this is the app from Spotify, so you can go slash hurdle and this is the app where you can guess some songs. So yeah, and then you can just, it's similar to Wordle. Remember that Wordle app where you needed to guess a word and this is the hurdle app where you need to guess a music single. And from here, you're just able to guess it in few attempts, I think it's like five attempts and if you're not correct, then you add in like one second. So then you can just tap share and then you can just tap, for example, Twitter and this is like how it works and then you can see hurdle number 385 or something and then you can just share if you guessed or not. If you decided to see the answer, then it will cancel your daily streak. But yeah, it also has tricks if you're guessing correctly every day, but it's pretty hard. I need to say that, you know, the music here is not easy. It's not some popular pop song or something which everyone is listening to. Some like very niche songs and you really need to know the artist and you really need to spend a lot of time in Spotify to guess it correctly. Like I have sometimes no idea which songs are those and all of that. So give it a try though.

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