To be able to share an invite code in Shuffles app, of course you need to be invited already by someone else.

At the moment, Shuffles app is still invite only and I don't know when will it become open to everyone.

So, when you are in, just tap on the letter icon in the top right.

From there you will see your invite code, which you will be able to share with up to 5 people. So, you can invite 5 users to the app.

This is how it looks like in the app.

Share Shuffles invite code

How I got Shuffles invite code?

In my case, I was browsing /pinterest subreddit and refreshing it a lot to find the latest Shuffles invite code.

I tried all the recent ones - but they all were used already.

So, to not waste a lot of time, I just offered anyone $15-25 for an invite code and posted it under comments in /pinterest subreddit. It is not such a bit amount, in case you are scammed.

After that I got few DMs on reddit. One redditor sold me the invite code for 20 UK pounds and I paid it via Revolut app. That's it - this saved me hours and days of scrolling through reddit.

However, it depends if you need to spend it - if you really like Pinterest and like making collages - I think it definitely worth $20. Moreover, app itself is free, so consider this as e.g. app payment. Or if you already have friends in Shuffles app.

But, if you are just hyped and don't really know what to do with the app - don't know if it is worth to spend money on it. It is a great app, I played with it for few hours, made a lot of videos - but then that's it. Now I'm barely using it :)

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