hey everyone so here's locket widget app and if you tap in top part there is a handy new menu where you can share your locket link just on Insta story so you can add the link to your story um tap the sticker button tap link and then add link and add your sticker so yeah something like that so let's just open Instagram and then you can tap here a link and then just pass here link but virus why it wasn't copied okay let's just see so it says link is copied and now it works so there you have it and now uh like I can also write some text and then I can share it to my close friends or anywhere you want um so that's basically the idea how you can share your uh locket widget to Instagram um yeah also you can share it to other apps um that's what you can do uh yep that's the idea uh hope it can be helpful it's kind of similar to NGL so I think locket widget is jumping on this trend of like NGL not gonna lie app or send it app you just super popular right now so that yeah you just can do it

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