How to share NGL LINK in WhatsApp stories?

To share an NGL LINK in WhatsApp stories, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the link: Open the NGL LINK you want to share and copy the link.
  2. Create a story: Open WhatsApp and navigate to the "Status" section. Tap on the story icon located in the top right corner.
  3. Adding the link: Unfortunately, WhatsApp does not have a specific sticker or option to add a link directly. However, there are a few workarounds to include the link in your story.
  4. Add it as a caption: You can paste the copied link into the caption section of your story. Although this method allows you to share the link, it is not ideal as it won't be clickable.
  5. Add it as a text: Another option is to add the link as text within the story. However, similar to adding it as a caption, the text will not be clickable.
  6. Ensure consistency: When adding the link, make sure to use the exact format mentioned. It is not necessary to include "HTTP" or "HTTPS" in the link.
  7. Share your story: Once you have added the link to your story as a caption or text, tap on the "Send" button to share it with your contacts.
  8. Link accessibility: After sharing the story, the link will become clickable. This means other users will be able to access the content by tapping on the link within your story.

Alternatively, you can also try editing your WhatsApp status to include the link, as there may be some flexibility there. Experiment with different options to find the method that suits your needs best.

Although WhatsApp currently does not provide a direct option to add a link to stories, these workarounds enable users to include links in their stories to some extent. Give them a try and see if they meet your requirements.

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