In this video, we're going to go through how to add NGL link to Snapchat. Originally, this app is designed for Instagram and it works really well with Instagram stories. But why not also just to share it on Snapchat because it's just a link?

When you create your account, just copy your link, open Snapchat, and the process is almost the same. Just record your story. Then here, you have a link. This is the icon. You can just paste it here and then attach to snap.

There you have it. You can make it bigger. Then you can add some text. Something like that. Then I would just post it. Just tap Send To. Then people can just click on the link. Okay, let's just post it.

Then if I see the story here, and then I can just open the link like this. It just works similar as on Instagram. Someone can just send replies here.

That's the idea. Then you can go to Inbox and see messages here. I think that's just how that would work with Snapchat. Of course, you can share this link all over social media. Yeah.

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