hey everyone so let's explore how to share screen in slack huddles uh so yeah you can just go to the channel and then you can just enable slag testing and then yeah you can mute yourself and to share screen you just need to click share screen and then you can select between displays and windows and yeah one more thing like to to have this feature enabled you need to allow access to slack to share your screen or to to be able to record your screen you can do that in system preferences on mac and when you just first enable huddles you will be asked if you have that enabled so yeah let's just do that so i just selected to share a specific uh window and then yeah i can just talk in the huddle and then if i want to i can just stop sharing the screen so slack huddles is kind of like real time audio chat it's similar to clubhouse or twitter spaces it's different it's not like a slack video call us like call you can invite up to 50 members here in these channels

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