How to share Track Lens from Spotify to Snapchat?

There is exciting news for Spotify and Snapchat users as a new feature called Share Track Lens has been introduced. This feature allows users to capture their surroundings on camera while simultaneously sharing a song. By using the lens, the song's title, artist name, cover art, and a link to listen to the track on Spotify will be overlaid on the camera view.

To use Share Track Lens, make sure you have updated both your Spotify and Snapchat apps. Then, select a track on Spotify and open the share menu. Look for the Snapchat Lens icon and tap on it. This will generate the track information on Snapchat. Once you have created your snap, you can share it with others by adding it to your story.

The process is straightforward: tap on Share, then select Snapchat Lens from the options available. This will give you access to the cool Snapchat Lens, which you can share on Snapchat. It's an impressive feature that allows you to truly intertwine music and visuals in your snaps.

It's important to note that Share Track Lens may not be available for all users at the moment. The feature has been recently rolled out, and some users, like myself, may not have access to it yet. It's unclear why this is the case, but it's possible that it is currently only available to US subscribers with Spotify accounts set to the US. However, there is hope that Share Track Lens will soon be made available to everyone.

If you are eager to try out this new feature, make sure to update your Spotify and Snapchat apps regularly, as the feature might become available in the near future. Stay tuned for any updates and be one of the first to experience the exciting combination of Spotify and Snapchat through Share Track Lens.

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