How to share Voice messages in NGL?

The NGL app has a new feature that allows you to share voice messages. If you're wondering how to share voice messages in NGL, it's actually quite simple.

Firstly, navigate to the main menu and look for Voice AI. It's not located in the main menu, but rather as an additional option. Once you locate it, you will see a new Copy this link.

Next, you can share it in the same way you would share anything else on the app. Tap on the sticker option and then tap on the link option. Paste the copied link in the designated space and share it with your close friends.

Once your friends have received the link, they can tap on it and select any celebrity they like, whether it's Savannah or Kanye or any others available. They can then create their own personalized voice message.

In summary, sharing voice messages on NGL is as simple as accessing Voice AI and copying the new Share it with your friends and let them create their own celebrity-inspired voice messages.

Here's a recap of the steps needed to share voice messages on NGL:

  1. Go to the Voice AI option in the app.
  2. Copy the new
  3. Share it with your friends via the sticker and link options.
  4. Let your friends select their preferred celebrity and create their own personalized voice message.
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