How to share your bot/talkie in Talkie app?

To share your bot or talkie in the Talkie app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Talkie app and locate the bot you want to share. Simply tap on the bot to open it.
  2. Once the bot is open, you will notice a Toki icon in the top right corner. Tap on it to access the sharing options.
  3. After tapping on the Toki icon, you will see an arrow symbol. This is where you can find the sharing options for the bot.
  4. From the sharing options, you have two choices: you can either copy a link to the bot or directly share it with others.
  5. If your bot is public, you will be able to obtain a link to share it. Simply tap on the sharing icon, which will appear in the top right corner after tapping on the bot's name.
  6. However, if your bot is still under review and not yet public, you will not have the option to obtain a sharing link.

Sharing your bot in the Talkie app may seem a bit counterintuitive at first, but following these steps will help you successfully share your bot with others. Remember to ensure that your bot is public if you wish to generate a sharing link.

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