How to sign up for Community Notes on Twitter and review others tweets!

so sometimes on Twitter you can see this community notes when someone submits a tweet and some of the aspects of that tweet are not entirely correct you might see this added context to the Tweet which is pretty cool but I was curious how to be able to write it myself and how to join it um so yeah basically how you can do it is just by uh coin here find out more in the bottom and then you will see some additional information and then contributors people like you and then you can just tap join Community notes here so how to join what are the steps your account meets the program requirements to join the community notes pilot program your Twitter account must have no recent notice of future rules join Twitter at least six months ago verified phone number that phone number must be trusted phone carrier not associated with other community nodes accounts and then step two of three agreed to uphold the community nodes contribute to build and understand and act in good face uh be helpful even to those who disagree and this is like a pilot program and then you need to agree to public contributions you want everyone to be able to understand and evaluate how Community notes works so all of your notes and rankings are publicly available uh yeah so then you just a green finish and there you have it so now I just I just applied to it and probably then I will just see the result somewhere in my notifications whether I was EX yeah so you sign up for Community notes we'll reach out when you're ready to go for now follow along at Community notes okay let's just follow it out and then probably you can reach out and ask them hey was I accepted or not but I will still advise you to write a bit like maybe a week or so like few weeks to find out if you are accepted or not hope this is helpful

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