How to skip the wait on Talkie app?

So, how do you skip the wait on the Talkie app? Let's explore some options.

The Talkie app sometimes experiences a spike in usage, resulting in queued messages. Upgrading to Talkie Plus is the fastest way to skip the wait. With Talkie Plus, you'll enjoy faster responses, no more queues, and no halts. This feature is exactly what you're looking for. For just $9.99 per month, you can also receive free gadgets and access to even faster response times.

However, if you haven't upgraded, there are some workarounds you can try. One option is to avoid chatting during peak periods, such as weekends or times when there is a spike in traffic. By observing when there are a significant number of users on Talkie, particularly during Saturday or Sunday US time, you can anticipate the possibility of encountering a queue and having to wait for a message. This can indeed be super annoying, which might eventually push you to upgrade.

It's important to note that there is no free trial available for Talkie. If you want to avoid the wait without upgrading, your best bet is to use the app during off-peak hours. Try using Talkie during the night in US time or early mornings. Typically, the majority of Talkie users are from the US, so adjusting your usage to coincide with Eastern time and avoiding the weekend can potentially reduce the number of messages in your queue.

In summary, if you want to skip the wait on the Talkie app, upgrading to Talkie Plus is the most efficient solution. However, if you're not ready to upgrade, consider avoiding peak hours and weekends when chat traffic is at its peak. By planning your usage strategically, you may experience fewer queue messages.

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