How to skip to the next or previous song on AirPods 3rd generation?

On the Apple Airpods 3rd generation, there are a few handy features that you may not be aware of. While I'm not a professional user of Airpods, it's important to note that each generation of Airpods has a slightly different set of controls.

To pause the audio or video you are currently listening to on your iPhone or another device, simply press the force sensor located on the Airpods. This is a convenient way to quickly pause your content without reaching for your device.

If you want to skip to the next song, just double tap on the force sensor. This feature allows for seamless enjoyment of your music or podcasts, effortlessly moving from one track to the next.

On the other hand, if you find yourself wanting to go back to the previous song, you can simply triple press the force sensor. This function is especially useful if you accidentally skip a track or if you want to relisten to a particular part of a song.

It's worth mentioning that adjusting the volume on Airpods is not as straightforward as the previous generations. Unlike earlier models, the Airpods 3rd generation does not have the functionality to directly turn up or down the volume using the sensors. Instead, you'll need to rely on voice commands with "Hey Siri" to perform this task. While this may not be as convenient in all situations, it provides an alternative method to control the volume.

It's important to note that future generations of Airpods may introduce additional changes or enhancements. Apple continuously refines their products based on user feedback, so it's possible that the volume control feature may be improved in the future.

In conclusion, the Airpods 3rd generation offers several convenient features for controlling your audio playback. Whether it's pausing, skipping to the next song, or going back to the previous one, these gestures on the force sensor make for a seamless and enjoyable listening experience. While volume control may require the use of Siri, it's possible that future Airpods generations will provide alternative methods for adjusting the volume.

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