How to subscribe to Instagram channel?

hey there how to subscribe to a channel on Instagram so Channel this channels is a new feature which was just released for selected creators and it's kind of like a copy of telegram so if you have access to that you can send messages to your followers and it will feel like it's like a direct chat interface but you just have messages coming like you know it's similar to feed but um it's it's like a personal chat where you the Creator just broadcasting all the recent messages so there you have it so you can tap subscribe on specific creators for example this profile Austin Springs and then here in the bottom you will see the broadcast channel ready and react to Massachusetts read and react to messages that Austin sprints on the sends to subscribers that's kind of like a new feature which you can try out uh it's just been released today or when it's video published or I don't know maybe a bit earlier and um yeah just few creators at the moment have that sooner like more people have access to that but I think it's just basically the copy of telegram so telegram is kind of is booming a lot in in different countries and now is that's basically uh the features coming to telegram sorry to Instagram so yeah hope that's helpful

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