How to switch to yearly subscription for Locket Gold?

In the Lockit widget, users have the option to switch to a yearly subscription for Lockit Gold. By following a few simple steps, users can take advantage of the benefits offered by the annual plan.

To switch to a yearly subscription, users need to tap on Lockit Gold within the widget. From there, they can select "Manage Subscription" and will be redirected to the app. In the app, users can tap to manage their subscription and explore all available plans.

Upon browsing the available plans, users will notice the yearly plan option. This option offers significant savings compared to the monthly plan. While Lockit Gold costs $4 per month, which amounts to around $48 per year, the yearly plan is priced at only $36.

Switching to the annual plan is a sensible choice for those who enjoy using the app and require access to its additional features. By upgrading to the Lockit Gold yearly plan, users can benefit from features such as an ad-free experience, the ability to see who has opened their Lockits, the ability to upload from camera or choose a custom app icon, the option to send longer captions, and receive both yearly product updates and monthly feature drops. Additionally, users will also receive a membership badge to showcase their subscription status.

The decision to switch to an annual subscription ultimately depends on the user's preferences and usage of the app. Those who find themselves frequently utilizing Lockit Gold and its array of features will find the cost savings and added benefits of the yearly plan worth considering.

With the simplicity of the switching process and the enticing features offered, transitioning to the Lockit Gold annual subscription is a logical choice for enthusiasts of the app. By embracing the yearly plan, users can enjoy a more cost-effective and feature-rich experience.

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