How to talk on ten ten app? Guide

If you're wondering how to engage in conversation using the 1010 app, here is a quick guide based on a video transcript.

To start talking on the 1010 app, follow these steps:

  1. Open the app and ensure you have added your friends by tapping on the "Add Friends" option.
  2. Share your unique PIN code with your friend so they can add you back.
  3. It is crucial to ensure that both you and your friend have the latest version of the 1010 app installed to avoid glitches.
  4. Make sure that your friend is logged in to their correct account and that you are also logged in to prevent any issues.
  5. Search for your friend within the app, and then hold on to their name to initiate a conversation.
  6. Utilize the options to control the conversation, such as turning on or off the speaker as needed.

Following these simple steps will enable you to communicate seamlessly using the 1010 app. Remember to keep your software updated and accounts logged in correctly to enjoy glitch-free conversations.

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